Have you ever aspired to enhance your Idle Breakout experience effortlessly? Yearning for an abundance of wealth and every available ball? Look no further – this straightforward guide will show you how to amass a wealth of money, balls, and gold with ease!

You will need:

  • 1x Computer
  • 1x Internet Browser on your computer
  • 1x Internet Connection

1st Step: Open Idle Breakout

Launch Idle Breakout using the link below, or go to Coolmathgames.com and find Idle Breakout manually.

2nd Step: Open Idle Breakout Cheat

Open the Idle Breakout hack website (Not created by me)

Step 3: Run Idle Breakout Cheat

On the website press the green Play Button and follow the prompts given by the Python Shell (Black Screen)

Step 4: Copy Paste Code

Once you follow all the prompts, copy and paste the long code inside of the brackets that looks something along the lines of this: ‘0tk2sjh3k6hsdfn2hlkh23jblsvgh’


Ensure to exclusively choose the code INSIDE the brackets (‘ ‘), excluding the brackets themselves!
AVOID using CTRL+C for copying the code as it may terminate the script!


Use your cursor to HIGHLIGHT the code. Exclude the brackets from your selection.
COPY the code by RIGHT-CLICKING on the highlighted text and choosing “Copy” from the menu.
Now, the code should be successfully copied to your clipboard.

Step 5: Import Code to Idle Breakout

  1. Go to Idle Breakout again
  2. Click the SETTINGS button (looks like little gear in top right corner of screen)
  3. Now, press the IMPORT button. A window/alert box will drop down from the top of the screen
  4. In the textbox, paste the code that you copied.
  5. Press OK and exit settings.

Step 6: Go Back to the Game

  • Exit settings, and go back to the game.

Step 7: Enjoy the Fruits of Your Efforts!

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Efforts!
Witness the manifestation of the requested amount of money/gold in your account!

Now, it’s time to revel in the game. Utilize the acquired wealth and gold to procure:

  • An array of diverse Balls
  • Additional Lasers
  • A plethora of other enticing upgrades!

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